There are few things more enjoyable than spending hours in the sunlight on beautiful days. However, there can be many reasons why you may not want to be outside, such as high temperatures or allergies. Luckily, a sunroom can be the perfect way for allowing you to enjoy the sunlight without actually having to be outdoors. Yet, if you are considering adding this upgrade to your home, you may need a couple of questions about it addressed. 

Why Should You Choose Aluminum Or Wood For Your Sunroom?

There are many different materials that can be used to create a sunroom, but wood and aluminum are among the most common. Unfortunately, some people may not know which option is best for their needs. Typically, wood is best suited for older homes that are made entirely of wood. This will ensure that there is a unity of appearance which will make it not so obvious that you made this addition. 

Sadly, wood is extremely maintenance intensive, and some people will not have the time or ability to keep it painted, sealed and maintained over the years. For these individuals, aluminum sunrooms (such as those provided by Rollins Construction) will be the perfect solution. The aluminum that holds the windows in place will never need to be painted, and it will not corrode due to moisture exposure. 

Will The Glass Shatter Easily?

Some homeowners may be hesitant about installing a sunroom because they are concerned the glass will easily break. While it is impossible to make completely shatter-resistant glass, the windows used in sunrooms are made of high-density glass that can withstand a punishing bombardment. 

For additional protection, you can install rolling storm shutters for this area of your home. These shutters are made of metal, and they are stored rolled up in a small container that runs along the edge of the sunroom's roof. When a storm is approaching, you will simply need to lower the shutters to ensure that your sunroom windows are not damaged by flying debris or hail. While these shutters can be somewhat expensive, they can save you from major repair bills related to broken windows and water damage. 

A sunroom can give you a place to comfortably enjoy beautiful days, and it can dramatically improve the value of your home. By understanding the benefits of aluminum versus wood sunrooms and the importance of installing storm shutters, you can help ensure that you get the most from your home's new sunroom.