You have probably started to pay a little more attention to the idea of natural swimming pools in recent months thanks to the charismatic host of The Pool Master with his zany, but creative ideas. However, you may be taking one look at these mossy looking pools surrounded by plants and scratching your head. After all, isn't a swim in your own pool supposed to be refreshing? Why would you opt for a swim in something that will leave dirt behind your ears and perhaps a crawling critter slithering between your toes?

However, there is a lot more to a natural swimming pool than what meets the eye and this has led to a lot of misconceptions. In order to fully appreciate these natural home wonders, these common myths must be debunked.

Myth: The natural swimming pool is difficult to maintain because of all of the added elements.

Reality: It is true that there is a lot going on with a natural pool. There are natural bacteria constantly at work, osmosis exchanges taking place to prevent murky water, and all kinds of other action beneath the surface. However, the greatest part about a natural swimming pool is this work will go on whether you ever lift a finger.

Myth: Natural pools have a lot of plant growth that gets in the way of really enjoying the water.

Reality: Of all of the misconceptions this is the one that is the most common. Because of the close proximity of the plant life that is in place to keep pool water naturally clean and oxygenated, it is easy to assume that the plants will spread and fill the entire pool. Yet in reality, there is a slight barrier created that prevents the plants from taking over as the only contact needed to make the natural cleansing process work is with the roots of the plants, which are rightly contained away from the swimming area.

Myth: To have one of these pools built you have to pay a fortune for a special contractor.

Reality: You do not have to seek out a zany expert to get the natural pool you want. Natural pools are becoming so popular that even traditional swimming pool builders are taking note and offering this service to their customers.

Natural swimming pools provide an alternative to traditional watered oasis additions to the home. They offer a natural appeal that does not impact the environment and will not require chemicals. Be sure you get your facts from a swimming pool builder, like reliant pools, before falling for some of these most common myths.