It helps to transform every part of your life that you can in order to help save the environment, and the type of roofing material you use is a perfect example. Here are a few roofing technologies you can use that will help improve how you affect the environment personally.

Smart Roof Coating

There's new technology out there now that's made from waste cooking oil taken from fast food restaurants. This material could reflect or absorb more sunlight than standard roofing material during the summer. This would mean that less of the energy from sunlight is absorbed into the house, which means that it would take less energy from air conditioners to counteract the heat.

As a result, your energy bill will be lower, and less energy will be wasted. This can only serve to lower the amount of carbon emissions you produce as a result of keeping cool in the summer. This effect reduces temperatures by between 50 to 80 percent. The material is also effective at doing the opposite role in the winter.

The coating is a bio-intelligent substance that can respond to temperature changes so that in the winter it instead releases stored heat, making roof temperatures up to 80 percent warmer in comparison to more standard roofing technologies. The substance is also nearly completely odorless, doesn't catch fire easily, and is completely non-toxic. The coating can be made to be either black and opaque or completely clear.

Recycled Shingles

One technology that's popular in green circles these days recycling shingles from waste materials. These shingles could be composites of wood fiber, rubber, plastic and other previously used consumer products.

Some of them can even use factory waste in their construction. This way, landfills aren't needed as much. Additionally, recycled roof shingles make it so that companies will mine the earth less for raw materials. This means companies will burn less energy in the process of mining for these materials, which all translates to fewer hydrocarbons going into the air.

The tiles themselves are often also recyclable, which helps to increase the green effect. In addition, these recycled tiles often come with long warranties of up to 50 years. Some might even have special ratings for being resistant to fire that could bring down your house insurance costs, depending on the exact composition of the tiles.

Overall, every bit of extra help can contribute to lowering environmental damage. For more information about roof coating options, visit Stetson Painting.