Hard water should not pose a problem as far as how potable your water is, but it can wreak havoc on your plumbing equipment. When you have calcium and magnesium dissolved in your water, they can begin to coat your plumbing equipment, reducing the function of your equipment and decreasing its lifespan. Hard water can contribute to stains on your plumbing fixtures, which can make them look ugly and worn out. Cleaning and replacing fixtures can be costly, and as a homeowner, you should do what you can to reduce your costs. Water softeners might be an extra cost, but they can help you to save money by reducing maintenance and repair costs. 

How Do You Know if You Have a Hard Water Problem?

Hard water is created when water runs through dolomite, limestone, or other rocks that dissolve in water. If you have an idea of the minerals present below ground in your area, you will get a better idea of how how many and what sort of minerals may be present in your water. Water is considered hard when it has more than three grains of minerals per gallon of water. You can have your water tested to see how hard your water is, and this will give you an idea of whether a water softener can be a good purchase. 

What Can a Water Softener Do for You?

A water softener will cost between $450-$650. This is a lot of money to spend for an appliance, so before you buy one, you should get an idea of what it will do for you. A water softener will not completely eliminate the minerals in your water. It will replace the calcium and magnesium in your water with sodium and potassium. It will not replace all the calcium and magnesium in your water, but it will replace most of it. If you don't have very hard water, then a water softener might be able to completely eradicate the hard minerals in your water. If you have very hard water, some hard minerals may remain in your water. 

Water softeners will help to reduce the amount of minerals in your water. Even if you can't eliminate all of the minerals in your water, it is still helpful to soften your water to reduce costs. The amount of money you save by protecting your appliances will help to offset the cost of the water softener. Contact a plumber like those at Optimum Plumbing LLC for more information about installing a water softener in your home.