If the windows in your home are dated and need replaced, there are two potential dangers living in your walls you need to worry about. If your home was built before the 1980s, you have to worry about asbestos and lead.

These could be problems when the windows are removed and your home can be exposed while the new windows are installed. You'll want to have a home inspection professional come to your house and check the insulation, and the drywall before you start your window replacement project. Take a look at the major items that they should check for.


Lead was used in many paints, drywall, plaster and other materials throughout the 20th century. If the lead gets damaged while the new windows are being put in, it's a danger to adults and children. Exposure can cause organ problems, anemia, learning disabilities, infertility and more. You will want to have the lead removed, or you will want to have the affected areas encapsulated.


The asbestos could be in the siding around the home, and in the adhesive used to caulk the windows, and most likely in the insulation. Vermiculite insulation was used in millions of homes around the United States, and moving it around puts the toxins in the air.

You will want to have all of the asbestos contaminated materials removed, because heat and water can also make it become airborne after the windows are replaced. When the windows are out it's easy to remove the exterior wall insulation, and the perfect time to do it.


If the windows allowed moisture like rain or snow in between the walls, or even if condensation occurred, you could end up with mold throughout the house. You'll want to have any areas affected removed or remediated, so you don't have to worry about it continuing to spread throughout the house after the new windows are installed. Mold affects everyone differently, but you don't want it deteriorating the structure of the home.

Once you have dealt with these three potential issues, you should be able to have your windows replaced confidently. New windows are going to help protect your home, and removing the hazardous toxins does the same. Talk with a window contractor such as Five Star Windows Inc about an estimate for new window installation, and get a cost to have all of these issues examined and taken care of. You don't want to replace the windows, and then tear them out at a later time.