When it comes to choosing shingles for your home's roofing system, you may consider wood shingles, which is the most commonly used. However, many homeowners do not realize that rubber shingles have many more advantages over wood, making it one of the best options to consider. Here are the five advantages of choosing rubber roofing shingles for your home:

  1. Affordable: Rubber shingles are much more affordable than wood shingles. So if you need to replace the shingles on the roof of your home, you may consider rubber shingles for this reason. Besides, rubber shingles have the appearance of wood shingles, which means you can't tell much of the difference anyway if that is a concern of yours. On top of this, rubber shingles have less maintenance costs, as well since they are not prone to pests destroying them like wood would be. 
  2. Durable: Rubber shingles are going to last you much longer than wood shingles would. This is because the rubber serves more flexibility, which allows them to hold up longer in severe weather conditions. This is because the flexibility of rubber allows water to bounce off the shingles and easily flow off the roof, whereas wood shingles are more prone to absorbing the water. Absorbed water leads to rotting of the wood, which is another concern about having wood shingles on the roof of your home.
  3. Good for the Environment: Rubber shingles are made from recyclable materials, typically old tires, which are ground and then molded into the roofing shingles. This is great for homeowners looking to decrease their carbon footprint. 
  4. Easy to Install: Rubber roofing shingles are extremely easy to install, which means you can potentially do it yourself if you are interested, which can save you money on professional installation costs. However, since the roofing shingles are easy to install, this means that even if you do have professional contractors installed the shingles, you are saving money on labor anyway. 
  5. Easy Repairs: If the rubber shingles ever tear or fall off, the repairs for this is extremely easy. Again, this allows you to make repairs on your own to save money on professional costs, but it is still easy enough that labor costs will be low. You can repair rubber shingles with a rubber liquid sealant that you can purchase from your local hardware store. 

By knowing the advantages of rubber shingles over the more traditional shingle types, you can be more comfortable with the installation of them (by professionals such as those from Central States Roofing) and ensure that your home still has great curb appeal. On top of this, you will be helping the environment and saving yourself a great deal of money, not only on the installation process, but also on the upkeep of your roof over time.