The key to a successful paint job is making sure that you get clean, straight lines around the edges and corners. This is often the hardest part of the job, but you can teach yourself how to paint straight lines on any surface. This article will explain a simple technique for painting perfectly straight lines on drywall corners. You do not need to be an expert painter to master this simple technique.

What you Need

To get the best results you need painter's tape. You also need lightweight white spackle, a yard stick, a pencil and a utility knife.

When applying the tape, you want to apply it exactly where you want your paint to end. So, you need to apply the tape perfectly straight. Don't rely on your eyes to give you perfectly straight lines. Use the yard stick to lightly draw a straight line with the pencil. Then, apply the tape along the pencil line.

Sealing the Line with Spackle

You cannot rely on the tape to prevent paint from seeping beneath it. Even if you push down firmly, the best painter's tape will not create a strong enough bond on drywall. This is why is helpful to seal the tape with spackle before you paint.

Using your fingertip, spread a thin layer of spackle along the edge of the tape. Wipe away any excess spackle. You want it to be as smooth as possible, so the texture does not change.

Painting over the Tape

You can then paint over the tape, even if the spackle is not completely dry. In fact, it is better to quickly paint the line so you can remove the tape before it completely dries. If the spackle is too dry, it could chunk up as you pull the tape away. However, it might be too difficult to paint your lines and remove the tape before the paint or spackle dries. So, you might want to test an area on your wall before you start taping it all off with spackle.

When you pull the tape away there will be no paint seeped underneath the tape. This is because the spackle fills in the crevices of the drywall texture. You can use the technique along the corners of your walls. You can also use it to create fun and creative designs on your drywall. It is a great way to make your paint job look much more professional. If you still have trouble with straight lines, Red Rock Construction can help you with the job.