Having an electric garage door can be very convenient. With just the click of a button, your garage door can open and close without the need of it being done manually. But that convenience can come to a screeching halt when your garage door stops opening. Here are three possible reasons your garage door won't open.

1. There's an issue with your garage door remote.

If you try to open your garage door with your remote and it doesn't work, then the first thing you need to do is make sure it's a problem related to the remote. In order to do this, you need to go to the wall-mounted garage door control and push the open/close button. If the garage door works when you do this, then you can deduce that the problem is related to your garage door remote in some way. If it still won't open, then the problem is something else.

In the event that you have figured out there's a problem with the remote, the first thing you need to do is change the batteries. So many times a garage door problem is fixed by simply changing the batteries in the remote. If you have done that and it still won't work, you need to make sure the battery contacts in the remote aren't dirty or worn. If you still have a problem after that, make sure the eyes on the receiving unit are clean and unobstructed. You should also reset the system to see if that helps your problem.

2. Broken torsion spring.

If the remote wasn't your problem, then the answer could lie with your garage door's torsion spring. The garage door is lifted by using a series of cables and springs. The torsion spring enables the garage door to be lifted up easily. So, whenever you have a broken torsion spring, there is no way for the cables to lift the garage door up. 

For torsion spring issues, unless you are experienced with replacing them, it is better for you to contact a garage door repair professional. Doing this repair job can be risky for those who don't know what they're doing and have no one to help them.

3. Track alignment issues.

Another possible reason your garage door doesn't open and close properly could be because of track alignment issues. In order for your garage door to open and close, part of the garage door lifting system needs to move along a track. If the garage door isn't aligned with the track, then it won't be able to move like it needs to.

If you are going to try to align the garage door and the track yourself, you need to be sure that you do so when the garage door is down. If you try to do it with the garage door up, you run the risk of personal injury and damaging your garage door if it falls. However, if you have no experience working on a garage door, you should ask a professional like Plano Overhead Garage Door to come and handle the track alignment issue.