If you're looking for replacement windows, you should consider installing impact windows. Impact windows aren't just for homeowners in hurricane affected areas. Any homeowner can benefit from these windows. Here are six reasons you need impact windows:

1. Burglary protection

Impact windows withstand hurricane winds. They are also designed to resist shattering when objects and debris hit the glass during a hurricane. Due to their strength, these windows are ideal to protect any home from burglary. Impact windows have several layers of thick glass which will make a break-in almost impossible. During installation, the contractor reinforces the window frame with thick screws and fasteners to make the window even more resilient.

2. Decreased heating and cooling costs

The thick glass of impact windows aren't just useful to keep burglars out but to keep your home efficient. By installing these windows you can save money on your electricity bills. Impact windows keep hot air in your home in the winter and the heat from the sun out in the summer. By replacing your windows, you can get up to a 78% return on your investment between the energy savings and the increased value to your home.

3. Lower insurance rates

By installing impact windows, you may qualify for a discount on your homeowner's insurance. If you live in a hurricane or tornado area, contact your insurance company to see if you qualify for a rate reduction if you replace your windows. Even if you don't live in a hurricane zone you may still qualify for a discount due to the protection from burglary, hail, or tree damage.

4. Sound proofing

Impact windows insulate and block transmission of sound more efficiently than standard windows. Traffic, barking dogs and noisy neighbors will no longer disturb you. You can also make more noise in your home without worrying about bothering anyone else. Your time at home will be more relaxed, quiet, and peaceful.

5. Block harmful rays

Impact glass blocks much of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. These rays are harmful not just to your skin, but your home furnishings and decor. In fact, 60% of the damage to furniture comes from UV rays. By replacing your windows with impact windows you can protect your furniture and pictures from fading and keep them beautiful.

6. Customizable

Impact windows come in many shapes and styles and some manufacturers allow you to customize them to suit your home. You can even have your windows tinted to provide more privacy or shade from the sun. This offers a big advantage, especially over storm shutters, for anyone that lives in a hurricane or tornado area.

Impact windows offer huge benefits to homeowners no matter the area. If you're interested in burglary protection and lower energy costs impacts windows are the best option for you.

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