If you are constantly picking weeds out of your flower garden, one way you can take care of this problem is by adding concrete curbing around the entire garden. This acts as a barrier, so weeds do not have a chance to get in. This not only keeps your garden beautiful, but saves you precious time of pulling weeds.

Make a Trench

Use a garden shovel to dig a trench all around the flower garden. The trench should be a few inches deep. When you are finished, step on the soil to create a base for the concrete when you pour it in. If you have a very large garden, you can use a small tiller to make the trench around it.  When you are finished, make sure all debris is removed from it.

Fill It With Gravel

Line the trench with pea gravel, or any other type of small gravel, and then pack it down. You need to make sure the gravel is level so your edging will be level. To do this, drive wooden stakes every few inches around the trench, and then tie a string on the first stake around to the last one. Purchase a line level from a home improvement store if you do not have one, and attach it to the string to make sure everything is level. Keep adding gravel until it is level.

Install the Hardboard

Purchase a flexible hardboard long enough to go around each side edge of your flower garden. Push it in the ground starting at one end of the trench edge to the other end. Do this for each side of the trench. This keeps the concrete from running outside of the trench.  Make sure it is completely level all around your flower garden. Do this by using a leveler around it. When you see something is not level, either push the hardboard down or up.

Lay the Concrete

Purchase ready mix concrete in bags at a home supply store. Follow the directions on how to mix it up. Concrete typically dries fast, so do not mix it until you are ready to pour it. (If you prefer, you can contact a concrete company like Corey Co LLC and order a small batch of ready-mix concrete.) Pour the concrete around the entire flower garden until it is the same height as the hardboard you installed. When all of the concrete is installed, use a trowel to level it out with the top of the hardboard.

As you can see, it is not difficult to put concrete edging around a flower bed. You can now put an edging anywhere else you may want.