You may have noticed that your home's central air conditioning is not working like it used to. The air may be warmer or it takes a long time to cool down your home. It is most likely due to a problem with the cooling coil, and it is a very common problem that homeowners experience with their air conditioner. By understanding what the cooling coil is and how it can fail, you can determine if you need the help of an air conditioning repair service to get the system running properly again.

What Does The Cooling Coil Do?

The cooling coil found inside your air conditioner is very similar to a car radiator. It is a mass of copper tubes that flows with Freon, which is a gas that makes the copper tubes very cold.

When you turn on the air conditioning, it triggers the motor to pull in outside air. The air blows across the coils and quickly cools before it flows through the vents throughout your home.

What Are Symptoms That The Cooling Coil Is Failing?

A cooling coil is completely closed off, with nothing entering or leaving the coils. Freon can escape the coils if there is damage to the copper tubing, with an air conditioner that produces warm air being a sign that the Freon isn't in the system.

Damage can occur due to humidity in the air. As air touches the coils, water may be left behind that can cause the copper coil to become damaged. Since the copper tubing is small, it is easily susceptible to cracking.

What Happens When The Cooling Coil Fails?

If the cooling coil does have a crack in it, the best option will be to replace the entire coil. There are products that claim they can patch a cooling coil, but they are not long-term solutions. They may provide a quick fix to get your air conditioner up and running again, but they will eventually break and cause you to lose all the Freon in the system. Replacing the cooling coil can save you time and frustration.

By understanding the basics behind the air conditioner's cooling coil, you will be able to troubleshoot issues with warm air and know that it's time to contact an air conditioner repair service like Metro Air. They will be able to quickly and efficiently service your HVAC system, and get your home's air conditioner back up and running before you know it.