If you've decided to put vinyl siding on your home, the next step is to choose the color. Since good vinyl siding lasts for decades, you'll be living with the color for a long time. You'll want to choose a color you love that matches the architecture of your home and blends in well with the surroundings. Here are some things to think about when choosing the color for your vinyl siding.

Siding Color Looks Brighter When Installed

When you look at vinyl siding samples in the showroom, keep in mind the color will brighten some once the siding is on your house. That's because of the difference in artificial and natural lighting. If possible, bring some samples home and place them in full sunlight, so you get a better idea of the real color you'll get. Also, be sure to buy quality vinyl siding that is treated with UV protection. This will keep the color consistent over the years and eliminate problems with fading that cause your bright color to become dull.

Match The Color To The Surroundings

Although you're free to choose any color siding you want as long as it is within HOA regulations if they apply, choosing the wrong color could affect the value of your home. You don't want a home with an unusual color that doesn't match others in your neighborhood if you plan to put your home on the market some day. However, your home doesn't have to be exactly the same color.

If many of the homes are white, you can choose a slightly darker, pastel, or neutral color that makes your home unique but doesn't clash with other homes like dark red or brown siding would. The closer together homes are in your neighborhood, the more important it is to choose a color that blends in well. In addition, you want to consider the natural surroundings. If your home is in a wooded setting in a climate that has cold, snowy winters, pastel colors will look out of place.

Some Siding Can Be Painted A Different Color

You may want to look for a brand of vinyl siding that can be painted, so you can change the color in future years. Popular colors for homes change over the years and the colors on homes in your neighborhood may gradually shift to more trendy colors. You may find you want to change the color of your home, but you may not have the option with some types of vinyl siding. You can buy paint to cover vinyl, but doing so might void the warranty on your siding. One reason some manufacturers do not want you to paint the siding is because a darker color absorbs more heat from the sun and this can lead to problems with expansion and buckling of the vinyl. Therefore, if you think you'll want to change the color of your home every few years, you'll want to buy high quality siding from a manufacturer that approves painting.

In addition, common design principles apply to vinyl siding colors as well. Light colors make your home look bigger and are good choices for colonial homes. Dark colors are great for accents around windows and doors. Eclectic colors work best on small, cottage homes. Plus, you'll want to choose a color that complements your roof, foundation, and any other stone or brick around your home.

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