Home security is something everyone wants, but many do not take the necessary steps to really protect their homes from break-ins. You can never make your home impervious to thieves, but you can reduce the risk of having your home robbed by taking a few manageable steps.


Of course, your windows and window sills need to be in good condition, or burglars will be able to easily enter your home simply by prying them open. When you are replacing your windows, you should consider installing reinforced glass. Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and is harder to break. You can also choose laminated glass, a type that has a layer of vinyl placed between two sheets of regular glass. Windows made from this type of glass are really difficult to breach, so thieves have to make a great deal of noise to break them, alerting you and the neighborhood to trouble.

You can also avoid planting bushes and shrubs near your windows. Thieves often use this greenery for cover, so keeping your windows visible to the neighbors and passers-by is a good security measure. 


Many experts believe that motion-detector lighting installed by each entrance is one of the better theft deterrents. All security lights are a help, but training a sudden spotlight on burglars often scares them away. Your task is to make your home an unattractive prospect for criminals. If your house is difficult to enter, the thieves will move on to easier pickings. Do consider using timers on your porch lights and never postpone replacing burned-out bulbs. 


If you own nice things, keep them out of sight. If you have expensive furnishings and electronics, keep the blinds drawn so that no one cannot see them from outside. Experts also suggest keeping expensive cars in the garage whenever possible and destroying and hiding the packaging of any costly item that you buy. If you place an uncollapsed computer box outdoors, you are inviting trouble. 

Your best bet to stay safe is to make your home look like a poor choice to rob. Keep your valuables out of sight and consider investing in more secure windows, such as from Summit Valley Glass and Windows. An excellent outdoor lighting system is also a must. In particular, motion detectors can quickly scare away thieves who are looking for an easy mark. Remember, many affordable measures can be taken to keep criminals out and your possessions where they belong.