Has your water well stopped sending water through the plumbing system? There are a few things that can be wrong with the water well that is interfering with the flow of water, which likely stems from the pump. Below, find out a few helpful things that can help you determine what is wrong with your well pump in case a new one is needed.

The Pressure Pump Has Stopped Functioning

One of the most important parts that is attached to a submersible well pump is the pressure pump. The pressure pump is vital because it is how the pressure switch that turns the well system on is able to work. Basically, the pressure pump activates the pressure switch, which then releases water into the tank area of your water well system. It is possible that the pressure pump is old or damaged and has stopped producing enough air to activate the pressure switch. You can perform a simple check with a tire gauge to check the air level of the pressure switch by attaching it to a valve on the well pump (located at the top of it).

The Submersible Well Pump Has Electrical Problems

You must understand that a submersible well pump is powered by electricity. It is possible that you are not getting water in your house because the well pump is not turned on. If the pump switch is turned on but it still doesn't work, it might be due to a circuit breaker being off. The electrical wiring to the well pump might also be damaged, which can happen if the water well is old and you have never replaced the pump before. It might be time for you to invest in a new submersible well pump if there are too many damages for an affordable repair to be done.

Fees Charged for the Installation of a New Submersible Well Pump

You are looking to spend a minimum of $200 and up for a submersible well pump without professional installation included. The price for the pump is based on the quality of it, such as the number of gallons of water that it can disperse into the storage tank each minute. Getting a submersible well pump installed by a professional will bring your total up an additional $250 or more. The installation fee depends on the extent of work being done, such as if new plumbing pipes are needed or not. Get a new submersible well pump if the old one can't be repaired. For more information, talk to a professional like Eaton Drilling & Pump Service.