You do a lot to make sure your pooch is safe. You probably keep him contained by a fence or on a leash outdoors and make sure he gets his vaccinations and regular checkups, but what many dog owners fail to do is ensure that the plants and trees that they have on their property are safe for their pup. There are a handful of trees that do grow in some parts of the country that could be incredibly dangerous for your pooch to hang around. 

Kentucky Coffee Trees - Kentucky Coffee Trees are a common growth in several places across the state of Kentucky and other similar climates. These trees boast a lovely lush look that make them stand out among other plants. Most of these trees grow to small heights and contain toxic components throughout their annual life cycle. From the leaves and seeds to the actual pulp of the wood of the tree, Kentucky Coffee Trees are toxic to animals and humans alike. Relative coffee trees are just as much of a concern because many contain toxic principles that will irritate the skin and cause possible vomiting, depression, and anorexia for your dog. 

Franciscan Rain Tree - The Franciscan Rain Tree, sometimes referred to as Lady of the Night, is a small, shrub-like tree that grows thicker as it gets older and it is quite beautiful. The beautiful lavender and white blooms that cover this tree make it a fragrant and attractive addition to any landscape. However, this tree is toxic to dogs thanks to the toxic component brunfelsamidine, which can cause your pet to have lengthy seizures, lethargy, and tremors. If you have this tree on your property, it is a good idea to have it promptly removed or make sure your pet is never left unattended around it. The fragrant blooms may be enticing enough that a curious pooch will try to chew on them. 

Apple Trees - Apple trees are such a common tree in this country that it may come as a surprise to you that they would be considered toxic at all. However, all types of apple trees can contain toxic cyanide that is metabolized through the process of digestion. The biggest threat comes from the stems, leaves, and seeds of the apples. If you have an apple tree on your property that you would like to keep around, make sure you stay vigilant about maintenance. Have the tree trimmed regularly by a tree service professional, like Smitty's Tree Service Inc, to prevent shedding of branches and work with a tree service to make sure your tree stays healthy. Pick apples early before they are fully ripe and allow them to ripen in the sun to prevent them from falling to the ground.