Hot tubs are not only good for personal relaxation but also entertaining. If you are thinking about purchasing, you may already be thinking about the hot tub parties that you can invite your friends to. If entertaining guests is one of your main goals when purchasing a hot tub or upgrading your current tub, you should consider the following features that can be added onto most hot tubs. 

WiFi Connectivity 

WiFi connected hot tubs allow you to monitor and control the chemical levels and temperature of your tub from your smartphone or other internet-enabled device. This is important if you plan to have a party tub because it allows you to be more spontaneous when entertaining. For example, you can invite friends back to your place after dinner or drinks without planning in advance or waiting for the hot tub to heat up once you arrive. Instead, use the WiFi connectivity to make sure your hot tub is ready when you and your guests arrive home. 

Waterproof Sound System 

If you set up a sound system around your hot tub, you either have to exit the tub to change the music or risk your remote control falling into the hot tub. Instead, you can install a waterproof system directly into your hot tub. This not only gives you a more immersive sound experience but also makes it easier to control you music throughout your party. 


Many hot tubs feature underwater LED lighting. However, to turn your hot tub into a party tub, you should consider opting for a more advanced lighting package. Lighting that changes color or pulses can be a nice effect. Also, lighting in places such under the cup holders and along the steps of your tub can allow you to safely dim the lights at night for a more intimate party setting. 

Fog Effects 

In the winter, your hot tub may generate steam that creates a dramatic effect. However, in the summer, that natural effect is usually lost. A fog machine added onto your hot tub can create that mysterious, fun environment any day of the year without temperature constraints. It can also increase dramatic lighting effects. 

Whether you are looking to purchase a new hot tub or simply upgrade your current model, consider these four features to turn your hot tub into a easy, natural party spot for you and your friends. Visit a store like Anchor Pools & Spas to see some options in person.