With jobs in their scarcity, you may be looking at an entirely different career path than you intended when you left for college the first time. If you never went to college, then your options are probably more limited than you had expected. However, there are some jobs that only require a little training and a commercial driving license. The following three driving careers in the world of shipping may be just what you need. The reasons why you may want to work each of these also follows.

Local Delivery Truck Driver

With a commercial license in hand, you can drive local delivery trucks for shipping magnates and the post office alike. You usually have a very predictable schedule with little to no flexibility, but you are also paid very well and you almost always have weekends and nights off. If you drive for the post office, you will also have several federal and national holidays off, which are often paid holidays.

Long Distance Delivery Driver

A long distance delivery driver may work for some of the same companies as the local delivery drivers, except the long distance drivers will drive the bigger box cab trucks greater distances and be on the road almost all day and possibly half the night as well. You may have to work some holidays and weekends, but usually your rate of pay is more. If you drive long distance round trips in single-day shifts, then you may be looking at twelve- to sixteen-hour days, driving shipments between major airports and company delivery hubs. While that may still put you at home to sleep in your own bed at night, you probably will not see much of your spouse, significant other or children. Still, the pay and benefits are often very good.

Really Long Distance Driver

Driver careers of this sort will put you in a truck that drives from your employer's location to other hubs several states over. You may have to spend several nights in hotels or sleeping in the truck before you get to your destination and make your deliveries. This kind of commercial driving career is more popular with single, unattached people who really enjoy traveling and seeing the country while they do their jobs. You may also have to become a licensed semi truck driver if you want work with certain shipping companies. The salary or wages for this kind of job are comparable to a long distance driver who drives only within his or her home state, but your salary could also be much more depending on the company you work for.