In hot areas, it is common for homeowners to have their air conditioning system running for most of the year. This makes it popular for people to invest in energy efficient improvements such as replacing windows, doors, or adding insulation to the walls. But you may have already made these upgrades. If you also have a metal roof that you know is going to last a long time, you should paint the roof due to the improvement in energy efficiency it can come with. This only works well in hot climates as doing this in areas where it gets cold actually increases winter heating costs.

Before diving into this project, you will need to go through some preparations to ensure you get lasting results.

Clear the Area Surrounding the Roof

If your roof has a major pitch, it may not be realistic for painters to scale it safely. This makes it more challenging to paint by hand, but there is another option: spray painting the roof with a wand. It will require painters to traverse around your entire property to gain access to the entire roof. So, you need to clear the area where the painters will be setting up ladders for painting. Some things that you may need to do include trimming nearby trees, trimming overgrown shrubs, and cleaning up any debris.

Pressure Wash the Whole Roof

Any time you paint a surface, you want to make sure it is clean beforehand. The same rule applies for the roof, but the roof is not the easiest surface to clean. The most effective solution is pressure washing, but you may not want to put yourself at risk by renting a pressure washer and using it on a ladder. An alternative is to just hire a pressure washing company to take care of the cleaning for you.

Make Your Color Choice

To enjoy great results, you need to use solar-reflective paint that pushes the heat away from your home. Although you may think that white is your only option, you actually have quite a few colors to pick from. White is the most effective with a Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) percentage of over 80%, but you cannot go wrong with other colors such as yellow, gray, beige, tan, brown, or blue. If performance is not your highest priority, you can still get anywhere from 34% to 70% TSR with the additional color options.

Painting your roof allows you to improve your home's energy efficiency, especially with proper planning.

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