When you build a horse barn, you want it to put everything you need to take care of your horses close at hand. While building a basic horse shed—nothing more than a roof and stalls—is probably the easiest way to go, spending a little extra money to build a full-featured horse barn will be worth it in the long run. 

Automatic Watering Troughs

One thing you want to make sure that your horses never run short on is water. If you leave it up to a human to fill watering troughs, there will always be the risk that the human gets occupied doing somethings else, or simply forgets. An automatic watering trough will make sure that your horses always have a ready supply of water at hand. You can even place one watering trough in each horse stall so that each horse will always have plenty of water. 

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are a feature that will make life better for both you and your horses. As for your horses, standing around on hard or uneven ground can be painful. Rubber floor mats have a little give, so they are more comfortable to stand on, and they will protect the floor so that your horse does not create holes simply by pawing at the ground. As for you, it is a lot easier to clean out a stall with rubber mats than a stall that does not have them. 

A Grooming Stall

Making every stall large enough to make it easy to groom an animal adds a lot of extra money to your build. If you just design one stall with all of the features you need for grooming, you can save on cost and put more features into the stall as well. For example, you could run hot and cold water to the stall, add storage space, and put in a medicine cabinet so you have a place to store any medications your horses may need. A dedicated grooming stall can be used to provide medical care for your horses, as a sheltered space for saddling your horse, etc. Once you build one, you will wonder how you got by without one. 

If you are contemplating a horse barn, don't rush into it. Take some time to think about your horse's needs as well as your own needs. You can then design a barn that has everything you and your horses want. Building a horse barn that will keep both you and your horses happy will be something that you thank yourself for for years to come. For more information about horse barns construction, talk to a construction contractor.