If your home is sided with brick, you enjoy a number of advantages. Brick provides superior insulation, looks great, and lasts for ages. Brick is not indestructible, though, and so requires regular maintenance. If you own a brick home that shows signs of deterioration, you need to take immediate steps.

Ground Moisture

If you have a home where the brick is actually touching the ground, you can experience problems with the mortar crumbling and the brick actually falling out. When this happens, it's often because the brick wicks moisture from the soil up into the siding, sometimes causing serious damage. Fixing this issue requires digging down about three feet and applying foundation sealer. Once this job is done, you will need to have someone tuckpoint the damaged area. 


When your brick crumbles or the mortar starts to fall out, you will have to hire someone to tuckpoint it, otherwise, you risk losing having bricks tumble to the ground. Your home may also end up with moisture inside the walls, leading to even more extensive damage. Although brick is quite durable, every twenty-five years are so even the best-constructed brick will need to have the mortar replaced. For older homes, you'll need to have the mortar professionally analyzed so that your contractor uses the correct blend. Using the wrong mortar can further damage your brick.


Foundation sealing can cost you an average of $3800. Although you may be able to manage this task yourself if you have some construction experience, most people will want to hire a contractor to do the work. The cost of tuckpointing depends on the size of your home and the extent of the deterioration. You may pay approximately $3–6 per foot for work that is done on the first ten feet of your house. When experts have to go higher, they will charge you more due to the added difficulty. You can expect to pay approximately $5–10 per foot above that height. The cost is a significant one, but ignoring the signs of deteriorating mortar will lead to even more damage and a far greater cost. 

Brick siding is an excellent investment that can pay off for decades. It still requires regular upkeep, however. If you own brick, you need to watch for signs of moisture damage and call in the professionals if necessary. If you do, your home's exterior can last for a century or more. 

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