Winter can be a hard season on the exterior of your home, and your garage door is no different. Fortunately, there are things you can do both in fall and after the winter cold arrives to help protect your door and the garage. The following are a few tips that can help.

Tip #1: Reseal wooden doors

If you have a wooden garage door, then the snow, ice, and overall moisture of winter can lead to rot problems. You can easily avoid these issues by repainting or resealing the wood if the old finish has begun to peel, bubble, or wear thin. As a general rule, if the wood absorbs moisture instead of the water beading and running off, it is time to paint or seal.

Tip #2: Install a threshold

Water running underneath the door and into the garage can damage the bottom of the garage door. Wood can rot while metal can rust or develop corrosion. Installing a rubber threshold on the ground and weatherstripping along the bottom of the door will solve the issue. As a bonus, the inside of your garage will remain drier and less cold air will make its way into the garage.

Tip #3: Clean the tracks

Dust and dirt inside the tracks can make the door hard to open come winter. Take a few minutes to sweep out the cobwebs and dead leaves. Then, wipe out the old grease with a rag. Finally, apply fresh lubrication to the garage door wheels where they sit in the track. Use a lubricant that is formulated for use on garage doors.

Tip #4: Keep the sensors clean

Ice and dirt can splash up on the sensors located at the base of the garage door tracks, which can prevent your door from closing. Carefully wipe these clean periodically throughout winter. Just make sure you don't accidentally knock them out of alignment as you clean them.

Tip #5: Remove snow carefully

Naturally you want to keep your driveway free of ice and snow, but you don't want to damage the door. If you use a snowblower, make sure the blower tube is aimed away from the garage door. Throwing snow and ice against the door can result in dents or damage to the finish. If ice melt salts are your preferred snow and ice removal method, place them far enough away from the door so they don't get onto its surface, since these chemicals can also damage the finish on the door.

For more help, contact a garage door repair service in your area.