You may have had and even watched your toilet get unclogged a half-dozen times, but you may still be intimidated by the thought of doing the job yourself. If you know all the steps you need to take when completing a minor plumbing job, just gather your confidence, get prepared, and get to work. These five ways for making basic plumbing repairs can assist you in coming up with a plan for tackling basic plumbing issues with no fears.

1. Turn Off the Main Water Valve

While you are working to fix your plumbing issue, you probably don't want to get soaked. As you remove pipes, valves, and fittings, excess water could begin pouring out if the water hasn't been turned off. The main water valve should be a lever located in the basement or utility area of your home, and there may even be a highly visible label that will help direct you to the valve's exact location.

2. Have the Proper Tools at Your Disposal

You're going to need a lot of different-sized wrenches in order to loosen and remove certain components of your plumbing system. You may also need a snake if you are preparing to remove a major clog. The tools you need to use will depend almost entirely on the type of plumbing repair you intend to make.

3. Dress for the Job

Put on some old clothes and a pair of comfortable but durable shoes, and tie back your hair if necessary. Dressing in ratty but comfortable gear will help you to convince yourself of what needs to be done and dive right in instead of agonizing over whether you are capable of choosing the right plumbing supplies or making lasting repairs or not. 

4. Get All Your Plumbing Supplies in Advance

Supplies for plumbing-repair jobs aren't difficult to find, even if you have copper plumbing or another plumbing made from another specialty material. Going to a plumbing supply store or a home-improvement retailer will put you in front of a litany of plumbing supplies, tools, and equipment you will find necessary for fixing the problem you have at home.

5. Write a Mini Plumbing Repair Manual

Even if you know what steps are to be taken to fix your plumbing issue, you don't want to forget about a small but critical step. Jot down everything that is necessary for fixing or leaking pipes or replacing the float ball in your toilet tank. This way, you can keep going back to your self-authored manual if you get stuck or just need a little reassurance.  

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