You may be reluctant to trim your tree. After all, by cutting into the tree, wouldn't you be causing damage? However, a tree that is trimmed will actually be more healthy. The act of trimming the tree will also benefit your property and the tree itself in many ways.

Beautify Your Tree

One of the reasons to decide to trim a tree is that you are concerned about aesthetics. You may not be happy with the appearance of your tree and this may lead to you wanting to change the shape of the tree by trimming a few branches. In order to beautify your tree, you will want to inspect it by starting at the top and working your way downward. There may be branches that you do not want and it is therefore recommended that you prune these branches. You may also prune branches simply to slow the growth of the tree.

Another way to beautify your tree is to prune it in order to enhance flowering. When the flowers begin to fade, you should begin pruning. For trees and shrubs that bloom late in the summer, however, you should prune in the winter or the early spring.

Your Tree's Health

If your tree is infected, you can sometimes save the tree by removing infected branches. If you have a crown that you thin, this can help improve airflow. Also, you will want to trim branches so that the infected branches do not rub against the uninfected branches and spread the disease. However, it is important to make sure that tree pruning is done properly because improper pruning can cause damage that can last for the life of the tree.

Your Personal Safety

The shape of the tree can affect the likelihood that the tree will topple over or that  branch will fall off. Also, if the tree has branches that are dead, this can cause the tree to become unstable and increase the likelihood that it will topple over. If you have tree branches that have grown too close to the utility lines, this may cause a fire or may cause the utility lines to become disrupted. In this case, you should contact the utility companies to have this problem resolved. Tree trimming properly can be very difficult and dangerous if you are not experienced. Therefore, it may make sense to contact a tree service company to handle it for you. I recommend for those in the Largo, FL, area to visit Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.