Being a good contractor is about knowing how to successfully complete as many tasks as possible. Whatever your clients call on you to handle you should be prepared to be right there, ready to assist in any way that you can. Your current skill set might be quite varied, allowing you to do things like electrical work and construction-related projects. When you're ready to expand your book of business it's time to think a little bit outside of the box. Becoming a chimney sweeper can allow you to do this. Here are two primary reasons why you should become a chimney sweeper.

Keep the Work In-House

When you have clients, you want them to look to you for as many of their contractor-related needs as possible. If they have to bring in other construction professionals, this leaves way too much space for the other individual to weave their way in and possibly offer your customers more services than what you can provide. You wouldn't want to look up and find that one of your long-standing clients has been subtly drawn away because another contractor could keep everything in-house while you were quite limited in what you could do.

Focus on increasing your skills and you should always be able to stay in the game. Just about everyone appreciates a one-stop-shop and if a customer can rely on you to clean their chimney, fix their light sockets, and hang their ceiling fans all in a single visit they are sure to be happy campers.

Chimney Sweeping is a Great Side Gig

If you have a bit of a creative or funny side and you want to let it out what better way to do that than by using your newfound chimney sweeping abilities to entertain children? Certain companies, like A & A Chimney Sweep, know that you could create your own additional stream of income by starting a business where you go out around the holiday season and clean chimneys to make room for Santa's arrival. Your smallest clients will be delighted as you sweep away any leaves or cobwebs that might have settled in the chimney during the off-season. Be sure to explain to the children that they are to remain at a distance while you clean the chimney and you'll let them know when you're done. Parents will enjoy having the ability to make their kids smile and you would have just increased your wallet and customer loyalty.

Becoming a certified chimney sweeper is something that is sure to enrich your life in a lot of different ways. Get started with your certification course and you should be up and running shortly.