When remodeling a section of your home, the floor is one of the most important surfaces that you should consider replacing, since it directly affects the comfort levels of the room while also playing a massive role in the room's interior design. Laminate flooring is one of the most common types of residential flooring materials, and it enjoys that title for good reason. Laminate flooring is made out of several layers of fiber board, resin, and a printed pattern or design. The unique material construction of laminate flooring gives it a few rather distinctive advantages when compared directly with other types of common home flooring materials. Knowing what the four largest benefits of laminate flooring are can help you decide if installing laminate flooring is the right choice for your home remodeling project.

Easy Installation

One of the largest advantages of laminate floorboards is that they can be easily and quickly installed, simply snapping together like pieces of a puzzle. Furthermore, laminate flooring can often be installed over an existing floor, saving you the time and effort of ripping it out entirely — though this will depend on the type of floor that you have installed. Both of these factors can help keep your labor costs low if you have a professional remodeling contractor putting in your floors, and it can reduce the overall amount of time that your floor takes to install, keeping mess and disruption to the normal routine of your house to a minimum.


In addition to the above points, laminate flooring is able to replicate the appearance of other common types of flooring materials, including hardwood, vinyl, and bamboo. This is because laminate flooring has a printed pattern underneath its protective layer, which allows you to enjoy the appearance of another type of material while also taking advantage of the material benefits associated with a laminate floor.


Laminate flooring is ideal for most homeowner's budgets, and it will usually cost less than hardwood, tile, or other types of flooring. The exact cost will depend on the thickness, the pattern, the texture, and the overall size of the project, but in general laminate flooring is a good choice for homeowners who want to maintain a relatively economical budget during their home construction or remodeling project.


Another thing to note about laminate flooring that actually gives it a slight edge over hardwood is the fact that it has a clear protective layer over the pattern. This means that minor dents and scratches will not be visible, and it will not require the board to be refinished or replaced, keeping your maintenance costs and commitments relatively low. This protective layer also helps to maintain the appearance of your flooring by keeping liquids and other materials that could potentially stain you floors from soaking in.