Sprinkler systems for your lawn and landscape are valuable, and there are two primary types: overhead sprinklers and drip sprinklers. Take a look at the pros and cons of the overhead versions that spray water above the ground. 

Pro: Keep your landscape well nourished in spite of the season. 

Hands-down, the number one perk of overhead sprinkler systems is that they will keep your landscape well watered. Drip irrigation systems are nice as well for this purpose, but they can also fail to keep all areas well watered, especially during especially dry periods because the ground will absorb so much of what is dripped out in concentrated spots.  

Con: You'll see a slight increase in your household's water usage. 

Drip irrigation systems are typically preferred for two primary reasons: they use less water and they are less obvious. The former is a concern with overhead sprinkler systems; they do use more water and you will likely see an uptick in water bills every month. However, the slight increase is usually welcomed by homeowners who are willing to pay the bit extra for superior hydration. 

Pro: Increase the value of your home or property. 

Sprinkler systems, of pretty much any kind, are going to help your property appear more valuable in the eyes of a prospective buyer. These irrigation systems are one of those little extra things that a lot of buyers don't really realize they want until they know the feature exists on a property. Plus, if a system is already installed, it saves them the hassle of dealing with it all later. 

Con: You will have to maintain the sprinkler system. 

Maintaining a sprinkler system is not too terribly difficult, but it can take some effort through the years to get the most out of the system once it has been professionally installed. Occasional checks for leaks, head replacements, and things of that nature are to be expected. Drip irrigation systems are going to be the same, but maintenance can be a little harder since water outlets are underground. 

Pro: Enjoy plants and landscape features you may otherwise not be able to. 

If you've had issues with not being able to install the water-hungry plants you really want in your landscape, a sprinkler system can change all of that, especially one that injects a lot of hydration like the overhead sprinkler setup. For instance, weeping willows are highly prized for their wispy branches, but they do require a lot of moisture to stay limber and healthy. 

If you're unsure about whether overhead sprinkler systems are right for you, consider learning about your options by contacting local sprinkler services.