A swimming pool can add immense beauty and value to a property, not to mention the fact that it provides ample opportunity for fun and memories. For all of those reasons and more, it is imperative that, as a homeowner, you ensure that the swimming pool on your property is properly cared for and well-maintained throughout the year. While there are some swimming pool issues that are minor in nature, others are more serious in nature and could result in health and safety risks. Here are four signs that your swimming pool is in need of repairs.

Dirty Filter

The filter is one of the things that keeps the water in your pool clear and clean, as it filters out all of the filth and debris floating around in the water. It needs to be changed regularly, just like the air conditioning filter in your home, in order to do its job efficiently. However, if you are changing it more than once or twice monthly, then there may be an underlying issue somewhere.

Pump Problems

The pool pump is responsible for keeping the water in the pool clean, just like the pool filter. If you notice that there is a lot of dirt, algae, bugs, and debris floating around in the swimming pool, then your pump is likely malfunctioning. A swimming pool repair company will be able to perform the necessary repairs to your pump and get back to working in no time at all.


The water in the pool should be at a consistent level at all times. If you notice that the pool is at a lower level than usual, there is a good chance that there is a leak somewhere within the plumbing system or the walls of the pool. Leaks can increase wastewater as well as your water bill, so it is imperative that you get in touch with a professional immediately.


If there is a crack somewhere in the swimming pool, it will cause issues with drainage as well as the structural integrity of the pool itself. Cracks can be sealed with caulking, and it is important to do this immediately upon noticing them. If the crack is extensive, though, don't try to perform a DIY repair; instead, contact a swimming pool repair contractor for a more thorough repair.

When you notice issues with your swimming pool, get in touch with a swimming pool repair company in your area immediately to ensure you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your pool.