Commercial concrete services are often used to enhance existing businesses, but they can also be used in conjunction with new builds. Whether you have a restaurant or a warehouse, you want the concrete work outside your business to be top-notch. Concrete is used in walls, flooring, pavement, and other details associated with architecture. Are you interested in commercial concrete? This is what you need to know about concrete used in commercial settings.

What Should You Know About Commercial Floors?

Commercial flooring may need a different finish or coating than a residential concrete floor. This is because businesses typically have heavier foot traffic and may withstand more stains and abrasions than other types of flooring.

Additionally, concrete commercial floors must also be slip-resistant. If you have staff members and customers who could slip, you want to reinforce those floors carefully. You also want the floors to be easy to clean, especially if your business involves food and drinks that could spill on the floor. Low-maintenance concrete floors are a great choice.

Decorative treatment is also helpful for commercial floors. If you want to give your place of business a specific kind of vibe, you need the floors to reflect that. Thankfully, commercial concrete floors can come in different colors and patterns.

What Should You Know About Concrete Parking Lots?

Concrete parking lots are beneficial for business owners because they last so long. They are easier to maintain than other types of parking lots, so they can withstand the elements. They can also handle a lot of heavy vehicles in comparison to materials like asphalt.

What Should You Know About Concrete Walls?

Concrete walls are often used in commercial buildings, including large stores and warehouses. This kind of wall is very popular in businesses because they are efficient and flexible. Additionally, concrete walls can be built very quickly, and they can be decorative as well.

Why Choose a Commercial Concrete Provider?

One of the most important reasons to choose a concrete provider who specializes in commercial concrete is that the mix needs to be stronger than residential concrete mixes. They often need to be more heavily reinforced than concrete for residential builds based on what the commercial concrete needs to do.

If you want concrete done right in your commercial business, you have a lot of choices. You can call a company in your area like Burge Construction to discuss commercial concrete options for your business, whether it is new or existing.