If you have a basement, you need to protect it against water damage. The only sure way to protect your basement against water damage is to hire a waterproofing contractor. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that they need to have their basement waterproofed. In fact, they may overlook the very signs that point to water damage. If you're not aware of the signs of water damage, you might not realize that your basement isn't properly waterproofed. Here are four signs that your basement is in immediate need of waterproofing:

Your Basement Smells Like Wet Socks

Excess moisture is often one of the first signs of a waterproofing problem in the basement. Unfortunately, moisture problems aren't always easy to identify, especially in the beginning stages. Luckily, there is one telltale sign of a damp basement and that's through the odor test. If your basement suddenly smells like wet socks, no matter how much you clean, the odor may be coming from moisture that's built up behind the walls. 

You've Got Mold Growth on Basement Walls

Once the excess moisture has moved beyond the smelly wet sock stage, you may notice mold growing on your basement walls. The mold is a sure sign that you have a moisture problem that's grown out of control. Unfortunately, mold in the basement can cause damage to the walls and increase the occurrence of allergy-related symptoms. Not to mention the increased risk of mold-related health problems. 

Your Basement Walls are Bulging

If your basement is experiencing significant water damage, you may notice that the walls have begun to bulge. The bulging is caused by water building up behind the walls. The water that builds up creates pressure that causes the walls to bulge in the opposite direction. If your basement walls have begun to bulge, the first thing you need to do is contact a waterproofing contractor. Your contractor will repair the bulging walls and provide proper waterproofing for your basement, which will protect against further water damage. 

You've Got Water in Your Window Well

If the last torrential rain storm left your water wells filled with water, you've got a drainage issue that's affecting the waterproof protection your basement needs. Inadequate drainage allows water to build up in the window wells, which can cause your basement to flood. Unfortunately, flooding can cause significant damage to your home. To protect against water damage, have your waterproofing contractor repair the basement drainage system.

For more information, reach out to a contractor in your area that offers basement waterproofing services.