In most cases, each of the rooms that you'll include in your custom home plans will have a specific purpose. For example, you'll have a living room, a dining, room, and an appropriate number of bedrooms. While it's a good idea to know exactly how you'll use each of these rooms, there's one notable exception. A flex room is an idea that many custom home clients favor. This is a room that your designer will add to your floor plan, but that doesn't have one set use. As its name suggests, this is a room that offers flexibility in terms of its usage. Here are some ways that you can occasionally use a flex room.

Home Office

If you have a long history of working from home, it makes sense to include a home office in your custom design. However, if you work outside of the home, a dedicated home office space may not seem like a good idea. This is where a flex room can be handy. For example, if your employer gives you the option to work from home for a period of time — maybe even just two days a week, for example — you want a proper space in which to work. With the addition of a desk, a filing cabinet, and other appropriate furniture, it will be easy to convert your flex room into a home office.

Children's Play Room

Another way that you may wish to occasionally use the flex room in your custom home is as a children's playroom. While your kids might frequently play in their bedrooms or your living room, it can be advantageous to devote dedicated space to various play-related activities at certain times. For example, if your kids are putting together a large volume of building block toys that take up a lot of space, you might not want this clutter in your living room. Your custom home's flex room can be a perfect spot for children's activities.

Spare Bedroom

Many people also favor converting their flex room into a spare bedroom when they have an overnight guest. If you've decided that your custom home plans won't include an actual spare bedroom, it can still be nice to have space that you can use when you wish to have someone stay with you for a day or two. Even if you primarily use your flex room for other activities, you can always set up a bed or folding couch in this space when someone will be staying with you from out of town.

For more information, talk to your home builder.